The key points here are how many contacts you have and what you want to achieve with your account. For example, if automated e-mails&reminders are an essential part of your business, go with the Professional or one of the Premium plans.

Here are the details of each plan:

In a free plan, you can use Raklet for as long as you like. You can access all of Raklet's services with the free plan. It has a contact limitation of up to 50. Every module Raklet offers are included such as events, membership management, job boards.

Paid plans start at $49 per month. Our Essentials package provides up to 1000 contacts. With the Essential plan, you can add up to five custom fields. You can also have an e-mail sender name in the Essentials, you can send your e-mails from your choice of e-mail.

The monthly cost of our Professional plan is $99. There are 2000 contact and 10 custom fields on this plan. You can have two admins in your account. With this option, you'll get digital membership cards in contrast to the Free and Essentials plan. You may also automate email and set up several bank accounts. You may also use At the Door feature for easily checking in your members to events.

Premium plans, which start at $224 a month and include all of the Professional features as well as a few extras. With this plan, you can have 5000 to 1M contacts. You can have up to 10 admins managing your account. Additionally, Premium plans include a customizable domain, which allows you to use a name that isn't associated with Raklet. Zapier integrations are included in the plan, making it much easier to automate all of your management tasks. You can save a lot of hours and connect your Raklet account with other applications.

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