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How to Delete Contacts?
How to Delete Contacts?

Want to delete all your contacts? You can do this with two clicks. Read more to find out how to delete your contacts from the admin panel.

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There might be a lot of reasons why you would like to delete your entire directory. However, there is no need to worry. Deleting an entire directory is really easy.

Go to More under Contacts

Go to the “Contacts” page from your admin panel and click the “More” button.

Choose "Contacts" from the admin panel.

Click Delete

You will see the delete option on the screen, click on it.

The "Delete" option appears when you click on the "More" title.

Confirm the Number of Contacts to Delete

A confirmation text will appear on the screen, select “Delete Contacts” and you're done.

Click on "Delete Contacts"


  • The deletion process is managed in the background, and it might take a couple of minutes until the contacts are deleted.

  • Please note that this action is not reversible and your data will be deleted forever after 30 days.

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