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Creating a Donation Page in Your Raklet Account
Creating a Donation Page in Your Raklet Account

You can easily boost the power of your organisation by creating your public donation page and starting to collect donations.

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In order to create a donation page in your Raklet account:

1. Go to Fundraising section in the administrator panel and click Create your first fundraising campaign.

To create a donations page, go to the fundraising section
Click on Create your first fundraising campaign

2. You will decide on the name of your campaign, your campaign message, the duration of your campaign, your targets and the bank account that will be used for this campaign. (Yes, you can add different bank accounts to your Raklet account). Fill out the initial information about your campaign and click Save.

Under Add Campaign, fill out the information

Fill out the rest of the information. One another crucial point on this page is to decide on the visibility of your campaign. You can make it public by enabling public donation and widen your donor community. Or you can disable it if you want that your campaign stays visible only for your members. After having decided on all of this, click Save.

Fill out more information about your campaign

3. The visual content is very important in order to inspire your donors. You can upload your campaign visuals through Photo section. Click Add, Select File and choose a photo from your computer.

Add and then Select File to upload pictures about your campaign

4. The last point that we have to define is the Payment Modes. Your donors can donate in the predefined amounts. You can decide on the amounts by clicking add and repeating this function as much as you want. You can allow your donors to decide on the amount. To do this, the only thing that you have to do is to activate Custom Payment. Make sure to click Save afterwards. You can add multiple Custom Payment Modes according to your wishes.

Click on Payment Modes, decide if you will allow Custom Payments and your preferred Payment Modes
When adding a Payment Mode, you will be asked an Amount and its Description

5. When you finish all of these steps, go to Fundraising on the left hand panel again, find your campaign and click Edit. If everything is ok, you can change its status from Draft to Publish and then click Save.

Go to Fundraising, find your Campaign and click Edit

It will notify you that your Project & Campaign is updated.

Project & Campaign Updated Notification

6. That’s how your donors see your public donation page and now, you are ready to accept donations. You can see your brand new campaign by going to your website, clicking Campaigns on the navigation.

Go to your Campaigns in your Navigation
Find your new campaign and click on its title
You can view your campaign

7. You can see the list of your donors after clicking Fundraising, then the Edit button of the Campaign you would like to check, and then Donations.

To see a list of donors, click on Fundraising in the Admin Panel, find your Campaign, click Edit and then Donations

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