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How to Add Invoices Manually to Your Members?
How to Add Invoices Manually to Your Members?

You can easily add invoices one by one or en masse to your members in your Raklet account to track their debts.

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All you have to do is select the related category and enter the debt information. In order to add debts to your members:

Go to the Membership section on the left side in the Admin panel and click the Invoices button. You can see all the invoices of your members on this page. In order to add an invoice to a specific member or a group of members, click the Add Invoices button.

You will be oriented to the modal where you can choose your related member's name and add subscription details. Enter the details of the invoice and finish the operation by clicking Save button.

Please keep in mind that if you define plans in your Raklet account and add your members to these plans, the invoice assignment process will be realized automatically. You can use this manual invoice process for your members who don’t have a plan in the system. Once you add a manual invoice, you can see the 'Yes' mark under the Manual Entry column on the Invoices page.

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