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How to Create Event Coupons and Use Them?
How to Create Event Coupons and Use Them?

You can easily create event coupons for events and let your members enjoy the discounts!

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Create a New Coupon

Go to Admin Panel > Events > Coupons > New Coupon

Update Details of the Coupon

On this page, you can decide the coupon name, coupon code, discount type (percentage or fixed amount), optional end date, and maximum redemptions. Don’t forget to click Save.

Also, keep in mind that you can give a unique name to your coupon code since this will also be your discount code. If you leave this field blank, the system will automatically create an ID.

That’s it! Your coupon code is created and ready to be used. Now let’s see how your members benefit from this code.

Member's Journey 

First of all the member goes to the event page and clicks on Register to purchase ticket(s).

There is a button below that says “Enter Promotional Code” where they can add the discount code. The coupon is immediately applied to the price. Now the member can complete the transaction with the discounted price.

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