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How to Clone Your Events?
How to Clone Your Events?

You can easily clone events at your Raklet account, copy the exact data from the original one and adjust based on your needs.

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In order to clone an event, you will need to go to your Admin Panel > Events module.

Choose the Event to Clone

You can click on the little arrow next to 'View Details' to clone your event.

Once you click on 'Clone Event', you will be redirected to the new event page where you see all the details of your existing event, including name, description, date and time, and other settings.

Update Details of Your Cloned Event

From here, you can update the details you want to change and click Save.

This will create your cloned event with the same ticket-type information and without any registrations, but it will stay unpublished until you publish the event.

You can update the ticket types as well after the event is cloned and you can publish your event once you make sure everything is up-to-date.

Now, you are all set!

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