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How to Create an Email Template in the Message Module
How to Create an Email Template in the Message Module

Create your own template for next messages from message module!

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Warning: If you do not see the Message Module section on your platform, it means you are using the old version of the platform. You need to check the How to Create an Email Template article.

You can create templates in your Raklet account for the e-mails that you send frequently and so make the process even easier.

Message Section

Go to Messages section in the left column in the admin panel and click Templates on the page. When you click Add button, you will be directed to the page where you can compose your template.


After clicking the Add button, you can set your subject and select the sender profile,

Write Message

After deciding on the sender profile and subject of the template, click the Write message

In order to add a photo or file to your template, just drag and drop the Image or File from the right side as shown in red and blue colors, and then you can add your Image or File by clicking the Upload an Image or Upload a File button.

Add Custom Field

For the text part, drag and drop text into the editor. In order to send personalized emails, just click to Add Custom Field as shown in red color and chose First Name, Last Name, etc.

After having organized all the parts, click the Save And Close button that is shown in red color or click the Save button that is shown in blue color. Your template is ready to be used in case of need.

See from New Message Section

Later on, when creating a new Email on the Messages module you can use your own template by selecting from the list when you clicked new messages and then Email. Later on, you can select your own template ie. (My Default Template) in this case


Finally, you have successfully created an Email from your template.

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