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How to Calculate Payment Transaction Fees?
How to Calculate Payment Transaction Fees?

Understand the online transaction fees and learn how to calculate them.

Updated over a week ago

Raklet offers Stripe as the default payment gateway.

There are fees for all the online transactions that go through our platform. Stripe fees depend on the country and you can review their rates on the Stripe pricing page.

Raklet fees depend on your subscription. You can see the details on our pricing page.

The fees are starting from %4 + $0.60 per charge on the Free plan and %1 + $0.60 per charge on Premium plans. We also offer custom fees with our Enterprise plans.

For instance, if you’re using Raklet Premium, the following scenario will apply.

Customer pays $100, Raklet fee would be $1.60 (%1 + $0.60).

Stripe charges different fees for each country. For example, for the US, charges %2.90 + $0.30 which makes $3.20 in total.

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