What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting. It's a way to send text-only messages of up to 160 characters between phones.

What is the difference between SMS and text?

They are the same thing.

Do my members need an internet connection to get SMS?

Text messages are sent through mobile companies and they do not require an internet connection.

Why is your system asking for my credit card details?

SMS is an add-on feature. You need to purchase some credit to send an SMS. Here's how to purchase them and the pricing per country.

What does the "text is invalid" message mean on Raklet?

SMS only allows a certain format. It cannot include images or rich text. You also cannot introduce a new line with "enter" in texts. So if you have any of these items, it is possible that you will get to the "text is invalid" message with the system showing you which parts are inapplicable to text.

Some/All of my members do not receive SMS, why is that?

In order for the system to send SMS, your members need to have their country code as well as their phone numbers on their profiles. Please make sure all your members have valid phone numbers including the country code and not any spaces between numbers.

Where do SMS replies go?

Your members cannot reply to texts sent through Raklet. Raklet SMS module is only a sender and not a receiver.

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