All you have to do is to create custom membership types in your Raklet account. 

  1. Go to Membership section in the Admin Panel and then click Settings. To create a new custom membership type, click + Setup Membership Levels.

Easy Membership Management, go to Membership, then Plans

2. Write down the name of your custom membership type, its description, the related membership fee and the interval of the payment (one time, weekly, monthly or yearly). You can also decide on the action to take when the fee is not paid (Leave subscription as is or Cancel Subscription).

If you check the box Public can Apply, your members can choose their membership plan in their membership application form. After having defined your membership plan, click Save. You can add custom membership types as much as you want.

Easy Membership Management, customize your membership levels

3. Your members can choose their membership type in the application form while the membership application process.  You can add your members to an existing custom membership type as well. For this, just click the name of the custom membership type and then +Members button. 

View various membership plans that you have created

4. On this page, you have the possibility to add your members one by one, by lists or by tags. Then, you can see the list of the members who belong this custom membership type.

5. You can list all your members who have a plan under Subscriptions section.

For the members who have a membership type plan, the membership fee is assigned automatically by the system. If you have members who don’t have a custom membership type in the system, they are not included in the automated debt assignment process. In this case,  you can add their debts manually.

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