Step 1. Login to Discourse as admin.

Step 2. Configure login settings on discourse.

enable_discourse_connect: It must be enabled, global switch

discourse_connect_url: The offsite URL users will be sent to when attempting to log on. You can take it from Raklet Discourse SSO Application settings.

discourse_connect_secret: A secret string used to hash SSO payloads. Ensures payloads are authentic.

Step 3. For Raklet configuration, firstly, go to App Store on Raklet and click the Integrations tab. Then, if Discourse SSO is disabled, you have to enable it.

Step 4. Then, click the “Edit” button.

ConnectionUrl: Copy ConnectionUrl and paste to Discourse Settings>discourse_connect_url

SecretKey: Take SecretKey from Discourse Settings and paste to Raklet Discourse SSO Integrations settings.

DiscourseUrl: Url of your Discourse Instance.

Plans: Choose plans for membership access control to Discourse. If you don’t want any access control, you shouldn’t choose any of the plans.

On the Discourse side, the Login link now goes to Raklet. This way, people who register through Raklet can access the direct Discovery account without a log in!

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