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How to Connect Integromat with Your Raklet Account?
How to Connect Integromat with Your Raklet Account?

Check out this article to find out how you can use Integromat to create powerful automations on your Raklet platform.

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Important: Before you’re able to connect Integromat with Raklet, you will need to have a Raklet platform first. If you still haven’t created your own Raklet platform, click the button below:

Create an Integromat Account

The first step, obviously, is to create your Integromat account. You can easily sign up on their website.

After that, you will have two options to connect it with Raklet:

Option 1: Pick a Template

After you log into your Integromat account, on the left-hand sidebar, click on the tab that says “Templates”. There are hundreds of readily available templates in their library.

After picking an automation template to use with your Raklet account, you will now need to connect the two pieces of software together.

On the right of the first row titled “Connection”, you will find a button called “Add”. This will let you enter the account login information you use with that platform.

You can manage, update, and remove your account connections later by going to Integromat>Connections.

Here’s a video showing all the steps:

Option 2: Add Your Own Scenario

Instead of going to the template page, click “Scenarios”.

You will see an option to “Create a new scenario” on the top right.

On the new screen, you can click on the big “+” icon in the middle to get started.

After clicking on the big “+” sign, you will see a list of all the integrated apps and software that Integromat supports. You can scroll down to find Raklet, and click on it.

The rest of the process is identical to Option #1. Simply click on “Raklet”, choose one of the possible actions that you can automate, and connect your account in the same way.

After you finish these steps, you can start using it right away!

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