You can create new roles to restrict access to modules on the admin panel. You can limit access to adding, importing, exporting, deleting, or updating contacts as well as disabling access to other modules such as email, membership, events, etc.

Here is a short video on creating roles:

Step 1. Go to the Admin panel and click on Settings.

Step 2. Click on Roles.

Step 3. Click add on the Roles page.

Step 4. Decide on which modules you want to give access to.

Step 5. Click Save.

Your role has been created! Now it is time to decide on adding the roles you have created earlier, to other contacts.

Here is the video of adding the roles you have created earlier:

Step 1. Go to Contacts.

Step 2. Choose the contact that you will be giving restricted access to. Then click on settings.

Step 3. You can see their Roles from there. Click on add.

Step 4. Choose the role and click on save.

Now, you've successfully added the role!

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