When you have a membership-based organization, you might need a booking system. With Raklet, you don't need to direct them to a separate page. You can include a booking system on your Raklet platform by following these simple steps.

Step 1

You need to create a Calendly account in order to integrate it to Raklet. After creating your account, you can see the options from account > share your link.

If you want to embed scheduling on your Raklet page, you need to choose "Inline Embed" option. This will create an html embed code just for you.

Step 2

After you copy the embed code, all you need to do is reaching the admin panel, and creating a new page from social network > pages. In here, you can paste the html code by choosing the html type from the content menu.

After you save the changes, we will approve your new page. After approval, you can add your new page to your navigation like so.

Congratulations! Now, you have an integrated booking system on your Raklet platform.

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