In line with your categorizes in your account, you can send bulk or individual, customized or standard emails.

  1. Go to Email section in the left column in admin panel and click +Create New Email.

  2. Now, you are in the first step of creating a new email, on the planning page. Chose your recipients on the basis of your lists, tags or person. Write down the subject of your email and click Design for the second step.

  3. If you want to use one of your templates as the content of your email, click Select From Templates button. If you want to create an email from zero, design your e-mail by clicking Add Part button.

  4. For the photo or file which you want to add to your e-mail, click on the related section and then Select File button.

  5. To create the text section of your e-mail, click the related part, compose your text and then click Save button. If you want to send individualized emails, add First Name, Last Name from Custom Field Section.

  6. Click Preview button to see how it looks like. If everything is ok, you can send it directly. Also, you can send a test mail to yourself for an additional control.

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