The difference between a list and a tag is that the first one is dynamic and updated automatically according to actions of your members while the second one’s modification depends on your intervention.

To create a list in your Raklet account:

  1. Go to your email address at the lower left corner and then click Settings. On this page, you can see all your categorization in your account via tags or lists. Just click Lists and then Add List button to create a new one.

2. Write down the name of your list and click Save. For example, you can create a list as “Members without phone”.

3. On the following page, you can select everyone in your including group and exclude the members that you don’t want to be listed here. They are “members with phone” in this example.

4. To see all the members related to this list, click members on the same page

5. If you want to edit or delete the list, click Settings and follow the directions.

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