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How to View, Manage, and Print Your Weekly Payouts?
How to View, Manage, and Print Your Weekly Payouts?

When you collect payments, we send weekly payouts to your bank account. View all the details, export, save the invoice as PDF and print it.

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Find and Review Payouts

Go to Administrator Panel. Click on your photo in the bottom left corner. Go to Billing > Payouts.

After a transaction is completed you’ll be able to view it with detailed information such as amount of payment, date of the transaction, payout ID, and bank account information. Click View Details for more.

Export Payout Report

On this page, you can see all the breakdowns of the Payout. It is possible to export this to CSV so that you can work on Excel or share it with your accounting team.

Also, you can view the details of each donation/payment individually. Click on Invoice to view and print.

Click Print on the top right corner to print it or save it as PDF.

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