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How to Create Terms of Use Pop-Up for Login?
How to Create Terms of Use Pop-Up for Login?

You can easily create a Terms of Use pop-up and let your members read and accept it.

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Terms of Use

Login to Raklet Administrator Panel. Go to Settings > Login. 

Firstly, you can choose whether accepting the Terms of Use is required for access or not. Add the Terms of Use and click Save to apply new settings.

Confirmation Email

Scroll down on the same page and find the approved email notification content section. Write anything you want here and click Save again.

It’s that easy!

Accept Terms

Now everyone can see the pop-up when they log in to the Raklet platform and they can accept the terms.

After accepting, they will receive a confirmation email.

Filter the Members

You can go to Administrator Panel > Contacts and see who accepted the Terms of Use by filtering the members.

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