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What's the Process for Failed Payments?
What's the Process for Failed Payments?

Failed payments from your members can be troubling. What does Raklet do when it happens? You can find more in this article.

Updated over a week ago

As you know, when you choose regular due or donation, Raklet will send reminder e-mails to your members or donors. When the payment day comes, Raklet takes the payment automatically.

When your member’s/donor’s payment fail:

After a failed payment, your members receive an e-mail which explains why their payment has failed so they can update their registered credit card in Raklet. On the following 5th and 10th day, the system tries again to withdraw money from member’s current account.

Raklet repeats all this process automatically by giving the information on every step to you and your members/donors. You don’t have to worry about the process for failed payments anymore!

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