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Tips and Tricks for Data Import
Tips and Tricks for Data Import

Make sure to check out these tips and tricks for easy data import to your Raklet account. It's a quick and easy process, no need to worry!

Updated over a week ago

You can easily import your contacts to your Raklet account. All you have to do is to arrange your data according to our data import template. 

There are a few points here that you need to be attentive to for a better import. 

  • If you update your membership numbers as M-000XXX, you can easily sort your contacts. All you have to do is to prepend M-000. 

  •  We need a member type column in your excel sheet in order to define the social network access of your contacts. This member type can be Member, PotentialMember, CorporateMember, CorporateSubMember, or Employee. If you don’t define this column, all your contacts will be imported as Potential Members and your Potential Members cannot log in to your Raklet account. 

  • The date format must be YYYY-MM-DD. 

  • To import a custom field with multiple values, it is necessary to separate the values with the pipe character (|). The following example illustrates this process: Option1|Option2

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