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How to Send Automated Reminder Emails?
How to Send Automated Reminder Emails?

You can send automated reminder emails with Raklet. Check out our article to learn about the details.

Updated over a week ago

Thanks to the automated emails feature of Raklet, you can send automated membership reminder emails to your members. Just schedule your emails and decide on the content. 

All you have to do is to create templates first (email for before 5 days, email for after 10 days etc. ) and select from the templates for the reminders on the plan page. 

The period of the reminders depends on your decision. You can select 10 days before, 5 days before, the membership renewal day,  5 days after or 10 days after. 

When your member pays his/her membership fee, the automated reminders scheduled for the following days will not be sent. 

If your members don't renew their memberships in this process (after the last automated reminder email), you can send them reminder emails manually within the year. 

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