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How to Update Your Account Settings?
How to Update Your Account Settings?

You can design your Raklet account according to your needs, your preferences. Let’s look at your account settings.

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  1. Go to your profile picture at the lower-left corner and click Settings.

2. In General section, you can choose the language in which you want to use the platform. You can change the organization name, short name, and URL. You can also change the timezone and currency.

3. In Contacts Info section you can enter the phone, email, postal address and website of your organization. In case that your members want to contact you, they need this information.

4. In Contacts section, you can visualize all your categorization via tags, lists, segments. To see the contacts belonging to each category, all you have to do is to click See Contacts. You can also import contacts to these tags later on.

5. In Fields section, you can see the list of your custom fields in the system. You can add a new custom field to enter the special data that you want to keep related to your members.

6. In Imports and Exports sections, you can see all your import or export history on the platform. You can also import contacts.

7. In Messages section, you can pass through your email and SMS panel. You can define your bank account in Payments section.

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